Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts @ 4:30 am

1. Why is it so light outside? Is the sun really going to rise in less than an hour?
2. Everytime I wake up wide awake between 2 AM and 4 AM, I always think of the song "3 AM eternal" by the KLF. And then think of the video where the guy has that little box that goes "BEEP - BOOP......BOOP - BEEP"
3. If I was in Vegas, I'd be downstairs right now or touring the Strip.
4. God is working in this house selling/buying situation very closely.
5. Why doesn't crab or salmon in a can taste like the real thing?
6. How is it that one's mood for the day seems to be predetermined?
7. One time in high school, someone in my class once said, "I could be the only one in the world who truly exists and the rest of you could all be robots."
8. My cubie mate worked his last day at my company yesterday. He wants to become a police officer.
9. I think facebook can be used for good; Unfortunately it can also be used for evil.
10. I want to play music at more coffee shops and open mic nights. Hopefully with the move this will be more of a possibility.
11. If you want to enjoy Seattle more, go to the neighborhoods that are not always 'on the list.' Oh, but make sure you do you to the Seattle Center (Space Needle) this year. They're closing the Fun Forest with all the rides and everything by December
12. I have not been feeling myself lately. No facebook meltdowns or anything, just trodden down.
13. I know I can't travel and explore like I have the last 5 years because of the pregnancy and everything, but I can still discover things in Washington state.
14. Why did Esau work up to the point he was actually at the point of death before coming in for supper (in which Jacob tricked him into selling his birthright)?
15. God is real. I am truly humbled to know He still loves and cares for me.
16. There is a conspiracy with the wheat companies in products such as Tillamook ice cream and Reser's Salsa. They also have a deal with the doctors and hospitals. Why else does everyone dismiss the possibility of gluten allergies, a problem that may affect as many as 1 in 3 Americans?
17. My eyes are starting to burn.
18. Without naming names, why is it that we are enamored when someone famous dies before their time, when one day prior that person doesn't even enter our thoughts one time?
19. Definitely lighter now.
20. More and more, I have recognized those moments in my life where I realize it was "one of those moments" and made sure I lived it out and not taken it for granted.
Let's see if I can't get another hour or two of sleep.

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