Sunday, July 31, 2016

Executive Query

[This essay was written the morning of July 31, 2016; I am choosing it not to my I am 141st blog but I hope that someone will take notice of my ernest inquiry nonetheless.  Sometimes it feels like people would rather attack one another than step back and take a look at the bigger picture.]          

          I was hoping my friends would entertain a lengthy conspiracy theory, not about the current race for the Office of the Presidency per se, but about the Executive branch of this nation in general.  I am neither a democrat nor a republican so I hope this will come off as unbiased.  
          I am what you would call a greenhorn in American politics and almost intentionally so.  So my thoughts may come across as naive or unresearched, if you feel that way my apologies in advance.  However, I obtained a copy of the U.S. Constitution from a young boy back at the 2013 Evergreen State Fair in Washington state (I won’t specify which political party I donated a dollar to, LOL) and am using source material as well as my personal observations and somewhat differing thought patterns to make the following analysis:  
          I am wondering why the emphasis on the news and on social media is so much about the campaigns of the candidates running for the office of the President of the United States, when it is in fact the Legislative branch or ‘the power of the people’ that should determine policy in this country through a specific democratic process.  There’s a reason in the Constitution that the Legislature is listed first and the Executive mentioned second.   
          I imagine the first response to that question would be that the current Legislature in this country is basically deadlocked and crippled from any substantial legislation going out.  I would agree with that.  We have people from two major parties, with a multitude of opposing views, going at each other’s throats right now.  So entrenched are these people in their methods, swearing allegiance to the statutes of their political party line rather than their own consciences,  that the result of these actions is a unilateral stalemate in Congress. 
          This has left a gaping hole in our democratic process, leaving decision making to the Judicial branch and, apparently, to the Executive branch.  Therein lies that reason that I believe that there is so much media and social media emphasis on the Presidential office.  
          Our current and prior presidential office-holders have made successful, albeit arduous, advances in their agendas without the blessing of the Legislative branch.  How?  Through abuse of power of their Executive role.  Despite these abuses, roughly half of the American people, a good majority who share the same political party, condone these actions, because they share the President’s opinion or agree with whatever agenda action he is taking.  I.E.  The ends justify the means.  The other half feel violated and lash out, latching on to whatever party offers them change, even if it means swearing allegiance to a political party and their statues, in lieu of their own consciences.  
          Many of the abuses initiated by the executive branch are impeachable.  However, no president has ever been removed from office for Impeachment.  That process would have to be successfully executed by both houses of the Legislative branch of the US Government, which I believe would be a dozen times more difficult in this day and age than in centuries past.  Members of congress corresponding to whatever political party the President swears his allegiance to, have also pledged their allegiance to him, defending him to the end, despite his unconstitutional actions, against the opposing party’s accusations.  Please remember again, this applies to both current and past presidents on both sides of the two major parties (On a more personal rationale, I think the successful impeachment of a US president in this day and age would signal weakness to our worldwide enemies and would completely expose our still partially veiled deep divisions).   To be successful, the impeachment process would also have to be affirmed by a 2/3 Legislative majority which would be nearly impossible to secure in the here and now.  The impeachment proceedings are then tossed out and the Executive abuses of power continue.  
          Either one of the two primary candidates running for the 2016 Executive position have a high probability of continuing the abuse of presidential authority.  If the deadlocks of the Legislative branch continue into the future, there will be no action in place to break this Executive abusive cycle.  However since the actions of the reigning president will be viewed by roughly half of the American people as favorable, and roughly half of congress will be enamored with their political contemporary, that presidents’ actions will be executed with little to no resistance.  
          Which is why in conclusion that I believe that the media and social media emphasis of the presidential election cycle focuses more and more on the President’s office itself:  simply because the executive branch has been the most effective in initiating changes made in this country, changes which should be, by our US constitution, left in the hands of the people of the Legislative branch.  

          My original question however still stands.  I welcome your feedback and input whatever your opinion or political affiliation.     Christopher.  

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thoughts @ 4:30 am

1. Why is it so light outside? Is the sun really going to rise in less than an hour?
2. Everytime I wake up wide awake between 2 AM and 4 AM, I always think of the song "3 AM eternal" by the KLF. And then think of the video where the guy has that little box that goes "BEEP - BOOP......BOOP - BEEP"
3. If I was in Vegas, I'd be downstairs right now or touring the Strip.
4. God is working in this house selling/buying situation very closely.
5. Why doesn't crab or salmon in a can taste like the real thing?
6. How is it that one's mood for the day seems to be predetermined?
7. One time in high school, someone in my class once said, "I could be the only one in the world who truly exists and the rest of you could all be robots."
8. My cubie mate worked his last day at my company yesterday. He wants to become a police officer.
9. I think facebook can be used for good; Unfortunately it can also be used for evil.
10. I want to play music at more coffee shops and open mic nights. Hopefully with the move this will be more of a possibility.
11. If you want to enjoy Seattle more, go to the neighborhoods that are not always 'on the list.' Oh, but make sure you do you to the Seattle Center (Space Needle) this year. They're closing the Fun Forest with all the rides and everything by December
12. I have not been feeling myself lately. No facebook meltdowns or anything, just trodden down.
13. I know I can't travel and explore like I have the last 5 years because of the pregnancy and everything, but I can still discover things in Washington state.
14. Why did Esau work up to the point he was actually at the point of death before coming in for supper (in which Jacob tricked him into selling his birthright)?
15. God is real. I am truly humbled to know He still loves and cares for me.
16. There is a conspiracy with the wheat companies in products such as Tillamook ice cream and Reser's Salsa. They also have a deal with the doctors and hospitals. Why else does everyone dismiss the possibility of gluten allergies, a problem that may affect as many as 1 in 3 Americans?
17. My eyes are starting to burn.
18. Without naming names, why is it that we are enamored when someone famous dies before their time, when one day prior that person doesn't even enter our thoughts one time?
19. Definitely lighter now.
20. More and more, I have recognized those moments in my life where I realize it was "one of those moments" and made sure I lived it out and not taken it for granted.
Let's see if I can't get another hour or two of sleep.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What I did today

I had some time alone this afternoon, so I went shopping, bought some pants, two $5 Matt Redman CD's and a special doorknob hanger called a "Blessing Ring" for our new baby soon to be born later this year. I find that walking, instead of driving can be very enjoyable. After shopping at the outlet mall, I walked a ways to get a large sweet tea at McDonalds, then just sat down in the grass underneath a shady pine and watched the bees pick which clover they liked the best.
I've learned to enjoy the simple processes of travel without a motor vehicle when Kristin was in the hospital for 39 days last year. For five straight weekends, from Friday night to Monday morning I would keep my car in the parking garage (too expensive to move it and constantly pay the parking fees) and use only my feet, and the Seattle Public Bus system to get around. I enjoyed the best autumn leaves I have ever seen in the Northwest, met some amazing people in Fremont, University District, Capitol Hill and Ballard areas of Seattle. I rediscovered that everyday life is not mundane, when you are doing what you love. The restaurant owners, barbers, booksellers, and shopkeepers were passionate about what they did; these were the grassroots people of the small business, simply trying to offer their wares in the sphere of the community they were involved in.
I say all this because, too much in our lives, and more so in cyberspace, we are slowly being assimilated into almost a robotic mentality. The hustle and bustle of the monetary bottom line, along with the misguided views and expectations of an elite few, have caused our perspectives to be knocked out of place. This is a topic for another time, but I just felt today, that like my time in Seattle last year, I liked the time I spent with the people today, sowing into the economy with the shopkeepers, and enjoying the simple pleasures God had to offer today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Short intro, a little bit about me

HELLO. This is my first blog on this forum; I just wanted to give a little info about myself, my family, and my desire to celebrate life.
My name is Christopher Campbell. I am a 35-year believer in Jesus who is married to Kristin the woman of my dreams for almost 15 years and am expecting my 2nd child in December. I am coming out of one of the darkest points of my life; last year my first baby was diagnosed with a rare disorder while in the womb; my wife spent 39 days in the hospital, and while I was blessed to spend one hour with my precious baby Nels, his underdeveloped lungs and kidneys from the disorder were not strong enough for him to remain with us. He is now in Heaven dancing with Jesus.
Kristin and I have been especially blessed to have been able to celebrate life and minister to folks in over 40 states and 3 countries (4 for Kristin). In the last 5 years, God has allowed us to travel to some incredible places. However, we can also celebrate life in the every day moments: with our families, in our work places, in our quiet alone moments. This blog engine will allow me to convey my thoughts on celebrating life, in my own life and in the lives of others. I pray that I will be consistant in leaving new blogs regularly, and that God will bring people to my blogs and that they will be blessed.

In Christ, Christopher